These small, round cakes, crisp on the outside, smooth and soft in the middle are made every morning in Le Boudoir’s “laboratory”. The owner Vincent Benoliel and pastry chef Francois Paille, measures out very precisely the required amounts of almonds, eggs and sugar, before adding one final ingredient, a pinch of unique “know-how”, essential to the making of such a delicacy. Once cooked and filled, the macarons are put to one side for one day before going on sale, the time it takes to achieve a perfect balance between texture and flavor. With each new season, Le Macaron by Le Boudoir pays tribute to its most famous creation by creating a new flavor.

Nothing in the world compares to our finely crafted French macarons, flavored meringue delicacies with ganache centers. Available in prismatic, natural colors, these delicious treats are a true delight, offering a magical combination of crunchy, chewy and sweet in each low-fat, gluten-free bite.

Our available flavors range from classics, like chocolate to pistachio, to eclectic tastes, like rose petal to coconut and passion fruit. Many of our macarons are dusted with accents on top to add another layer of temptation. Savor each morsel, allowing the macaron to delicately dissolve on your tongue or feed one to someone you treasure. The experience is truly sensual. And truly French.